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About us

TOGETHER begun as early as 1990 by a Korean Missionary to serve the Almighty God through loving and teaching the special children. Finally in 1993, this vision was realized. Different programs were formed as a result of the invitation to families with special children from every community in Zamboanga City.
TOGETHER means PARTNERSHIP or COOPERATION for without the partnership of parents and teachers, no special child can be improved. That is the reason why we named it TOGETHER SPED CENTER FOUNDATION INC. It is a non-stock, non-profit educational foundation duly registered in Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

TOGETHER envisions itself as an exemplary special education center with the commitment to share the love of God; providing quality training and resources to the persons with disabilities, their families, and their respective communities.

TOGETHER adapts a wholistic approach and is committed to reach out to every single individual regardless of social, economical and religious differences.

TOGETHER aims to assist the persons with disabilities to reach their full potential for mainstreaming in a regular school and/or community.

  • To train the persons with disabilities in a safe, supportive, structured learning environment where he/she is provided with highly trained staff, educational tools and materials necessary to gain knowledge and skills.

  • To establish a hand-in-hand partnership with the parents and family members in continuous implementation of Individualized Educational Program at home and to provide on-going evaluation.

  • To train families, social/community workers, and private/public school teachers in enhancing their basic skills for mainstreaming of persons with disabilities in the regular classes and community.

  • To collaborate among the schools, NGO’s, government offices and establishments in supporting the persons with disabilities for the full mainstreaming in the community.

  • To provide Special Education reading materials to families and communities through the Library and Broad Band Internet which are available for free access.

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