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17th Closing Program

21 May 2010 No Comment

Together Sped Center Foundation Celebrated the 17th Closing Program of Smart Kids Group with the theme “LOOKING FORWARD TO A BRIGHT FUTURE” last March 27, 2010, Saturday at 317-B Regino drive Sta. Maria Zamboanga City.

The program started with processional by the Smart Kids with their Respective Parents, Guest Speaker, Board of Trustee, TPSO Adviser and so with friends.

The Buddy kids rendered the invocation by interpreting the song “One More Gift” followed by the National anthem which was lead by our appointed TPSO Vice President Mrs. Paulina Evangelio. Our TPSO adviser, Mrs. Luz Palencia, having a child with Down Syndrome (DS) and who is one of the pioneered parents in the center shared her inspiring memories during the childhood years of her son. She gave her welcome addressed by inspiring Parents not to focus on the amounts that they are spending to their children with special needs instead look at the benefits that their children are acquiring from the centers training and it really put a smile on everyone’s face. She even added a joke stating “If she will just consider the years her son spent in the center, it could be that her son graduated already with doctorate degree”.

Tears flowed from the eyes of the Parents, Guardians and Nanny’s as the Children with Special Needs stood in front of the stage and rendered the special song number entitled” Glowing Inside” as they approach their parents and some were prompted to go to their parents to give roses. Parents just felt how thankful their children are because of them. As the lyric said” I’m glowing inside Because of you”.

Pastor Marlon N. Sala, our Guest Speaker, delivered words of inspiration and signifies their support in praying for our children with special needs so with their parents.

Mrs. Sharon A. Calunod a mother of an autistic child cried as she shared her testimony and how it feels to have one child with autism. She said that, it really test you in all aspects of life, she shared that she learned to be more patient and also appreciate children with special needs. She also thank the center for accommodating children with special needs just like their son as well as the teachers for their patience in dealing with these children and also for the special care and love they bestowed to these children. As she is sharing her testimony, many parents also shed a tear for the story coz its very encouraging.

All throughout the year, the center has been grateful for the children’s achievement as well as the parents collaboration and because of this, students also received their awards in different category such as “Best in Imitation”, “Best in Computer’, “Best in Matching”, “Best in Sorting” and a lot more. The awards the kids received made their parents proud and happy in spite of their exceptionalities. This is also a time for the Parents, Guardians and Nanny’s to be acknowledged by receiving different certificates they deserve such as: “Most Supportive”, “Most Cooperative”, “Complete Attendance” and others. The certificates were given by our Board of Trustee, Pastor Robert Chiong and picture taking follows.

Selected Parents, Guardians and Nanny’s also presented a special song number entitles “OLD MC DONALD” with their props, it really captured the attention of the children.

Pastor Robert Chiong, our Board of trustee who is also a Parent of a child with special needs gave the closing remarks and quoted the message:

“Always choose to heal, not to hurt; to forgive, not to despise; to persevere, not to quit; to smile,
not to frown & to love, not to hate.
…..At the end of life…
What really matter is not what we bought but what we built;
Not what we got but what we shared; not our competence, but our character; &
Not our success but our significance…Live a life that matters. Live a life that cares….”


After the closing remarks, everyone sang the song “Thanks to You” it was such an inspiring song for everyone.

In behalf of Together Sped Center, we wish to thank and acknowledge everyone, who made “Smart Kids 17th Closing Program” a success. Moving forward, we expect solid support and action from each one of us so that, we can all secure a better future for all children with special needs.

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