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A Son with Hunger Strike

10 May 2010 No Comment

By: Katrina Cua

Good morning!

I am Katrina Cua, I have a son here since year 2000.

We never noticed wrong with him until he was 2 ½ years old. He was very normal then, like any other baby, he sing , he call his father name by his nickname , watch tv , plays  and interacts with us, Parents , suddenly he retrogressed. He stop talking , he avoid eye contact and he started lining his toys. I became worried. I started questioning friends, doctors, and relatives. One day my mom gave me a copy of a reader’s digest where in there was a write-up about children with behavioral problem. It states there that if your child exhibit seven of these symptoms, consult a physicians. My son has only seven so I was in denial stage for a while. Late one evening my husband and I surf the internet on children with behavioral problem. We realized that Kyle has really behavioral problem. At the age 2 ½ we brought him to Manila to a Neuro-Developmental Pediatrician. He was diagnosed to have Autism Spectrum Disorder. We were referred to an Occupational Therapist. Kyle underwent therapy session for 2 mos. Due to back of funds we came home and took with us a home based program. There were no occupational therapists in Zamboanga City during that time so we really had a hard time. I went to all schools looking for a place was Kyle could be accommodated with his special needs. Sad to say there were only 2. The one in Tetuan and Together.  I choose Together

At the age 3 ½ Kyle went on a hunger strike for a period of 30 days. I was beside myself not knowing what to do or how to make him take a little food. He only drink 1oz of water a day. Right before my eyes I could see my son slipping away. He began to loose weight with dark circles under his eyes. Local doctors were hesitant to give Kyle medication since it might trigger depression. So we were advised to have his blood sample sent to a very good doctor in China who specializes in autism. After a week or so. We received the doctors instruction telling us to give 1 drop of amino-acid, gradually increasing. After a month, He saw my brother eating Pringles, and he got a piece. And then, He was on a Pringles diet for a year. As of today, Kyle lives on junk foods. He does not eat rice but takes a lot of juices.

Looking at him, you would not believe he has an eating problem. I would like you to see my son for yourself. (call Kyle).

Thank you!

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