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10 May 2010 No Comment

By: Mr. and Mrs. Jose Mojado

The birth of Ryan brought more joy into our lives. After 13 years as a married couple Ryan being our only child helped us to be fulfilled as parents.

Since birth until the age of 2, our little boy was sickly. He was even admitted twice at Brent Hospital because of Asthma. During one of our visits, a physician noticed the difference in our son’s attitude. It was disturbing when she shared her observation. Ryan elicits features of Autism.

It took time and a lot of soul searching before my wife and I finally accepted the fact that Ryan needed help. As soon as a neighbor told us about TOGETHER, we immediately went to inquire. The teachers and staff are making a big difference in our son’s life. The trainings has made him more responsive and independent. We are surprised that this early he can already understand and follow simple behavioral commands. He can even identify pictures by pointing. We know that the only way to understand and help Ryan is to orient ourselves with seminars and readings on Autism. The seminars that the center conducts have helped us grow as parents. We consider TOGETHER our partner in raising our son.

Nothing is really impossible if we work hand in hand with the help of the Almighty God for miracles do happen every day.

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