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A Son with Hunger Strike

By: Katrina Cua
Good morning!
I am Katrina Cua, I have a son here since year 2000.
We never noticed wrong with him until he was 2 ½ years old. He was very normal then, like any other baby, he sing , he call his father name by his nickname , watch tv , plays  and interacts with us, Parents , suddenly he retrogressed. He stop talking , he avoid eye contact and he started lining his toys. I became worried. I started questioning friends, doctors, and relatives. One day my mom gave …

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Aunt’s Pride and Honor

I’m Ms. Elvie A. Canencia, a SPED teacher in TOGETHER. Having been here for almost four years in this learning institution is more of a blessing for me and for my 5 year old nephew named, Andrey C. Ala.

I decided to enroll Andrey under the Buddy Program, an alternative day care option wherein a normal child joins a class where there is one or two student with special needs.

I can see that he learned so much from the learning areas such as; English, Math, Science, Filipino, Writing and …

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Before the school year ends


Before the school year ends, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Together Sped Center, to the teachers and staff, to Ms. Manilyn Dujale, and most of all to the Director, Rev. Seung Yong Song, for giving our children a very unique and enjoyable way of learning. For they did not only learn how to write, count, and read but they also learned and experienced the most important lesson of all; Giving and sharing love and accepting others no matter what their differences are. …

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By: Mr. and Mrs. Jose Mojado
The birth of Ryan brought more joy into our lives. After 13 years as a married couple Ryan being our only child helped us to be fulfilled as parents.
Since birth until the age of 2, our little boy was sickly. He was even admitted twice at Brent Hospital because of Asthma. During one of our visits, a physician noticed the difference in our son’s attitude. It was disturbing when she shared her observation. Ryan elicits features of Autism.
It took time and a lot of soul …

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A Hope For My Angel

By: Jocelyn Ortega-Tiplani

On July 28, 1997, I gave birth to a chubby baby girl whom I’ve named JOHAIRA. Rah-Rah as the family fondly calls her, is really an angel. She doesn’t cry much and always smiles whenever a member of the family plays with her.

When Rah-Rah was four months old, I would leave her with my parents and her yaya whenever I go to work. She is usually left in her crib with her toys because my parents were quite old that they couldn’t play with her. She was only …